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Shared Hosting for your Blog : Many Bloggers start their online writing career with shared hosting to serve people with the best knowledge available in the world. Initially, they do not feel the limitations of shared hosting due to less traffic. But once the traffic of their website increases, they realize its limitations and start looking for the next best option.

After Shared Hosting, there are two options available with people in Malaysia- first is VPS Hosting Malaysia, and second is Dedicated Server Malaysia.

No doubt, Dedicated Server is the best of all the options available, but it is much more expensive than vps hosting Malaysia. Moreover, it does not offer the choice of the operating system as the vps Malaysia do. Shared Hosting for your Blog

VPS is popularly known as the hybrid of Dedicated server and shared hosting due to carrying combined advantages of both the hosting options. 

This article will further discuss what VPS Hosting is and why one should choose VPS Malaysia over Shared hosting for a Blog.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting refers to Virtual Private Server Hosting, which divides the one powerful physical server into many small servers to host multiple websites. It also offers a private environment to all of its customers and caters to each website’s needs of dedicated resources. Though with vps, multiple websites survive on one server, but they are not required to share their resources with any other website. Shared Hosting for your Blog

5 Reasons why you should choose VPS Malaysia over Shared Hosting for your Blog

1. Less Investment

When we talk about hosting that can give us all the advanced features required by a blog to grow independently in this digitally advanced world is VPS Hosting Malaysia. It is much cheaper than Dedicated Hosting and offers almost all features similar to a dedicated server. In fact, if you think, right now, you are not willing to buy high-quality resources, you can get them reduced and then save the cost. Shared Hosting for your Blog

For bloggers, VPS is the best option than shared hosting, but it is a better option than dedicated hosting.

2. More Secure

Security is the foremost concern of every blogger in this digital era. Though bloggers do not put payment gateways on their websites, but their website carries their readers’ personal information. If some hackers steal this information, it will not affect the website’s reputation but could do much more damage to its valuable readers. Therefore having advanced security measures on your blogging site is very compulsory. Shared Hosting for your Blog

The Malaysia VPS offers an SSL certificate and advanced security measures along with its cheap vps Malaysia package to give your website the best security possible. 

3. More Flexible

With shared hosting, you cannot run multiple websites on one server. Whereas with VPS server Malaysia, you can run multiple networks on one server. This means, if you are using WordPress, you can run multiple blogs with different domain names on a physical virtual server. Shared Hosting for your Blog

Isn’t that an excellent and money-saving trick?

4. Offer Full control over your server.

The complete control over the server means you will get the freedom to anything or everything to your vps server. With Shared Hosting, you cannot tweak any of your server configurations. But with Malaysia VPS Hosting, you can make any changes to your server that suits your Blog best. 

5. Minimum downtime

Shared hosting means shared resources; therefore, it cannot guarantee any uptime to any of its users. If your website faces any downtime due to high traffic on other websites, then your website has to lose its presence. Shared Hosting for your Blog

On the other hand, Malaysia VPS guarantees that it will give the highest possible uptime with minimum downtime. In case your website faces any loss due to a down server, you can even ask for reimbursement from your hosting provider, which is not possible in the case of shared hosting. 

Choose Wisesolution to buy the Best VPS Malaysia Package.

Wisesolution is a world-renowned web hosting company in Malaysia that offers high-quality VPS hosting packages and services. Since its inception, it has served more than 6000+ customers globally and won various awards for providing highly satisfying hosting services. 

The company’s technical team stays available 24/7 to serve its customers with prompt solutions for their hosting problems. It works on the principle of “Customers Served First”. 

The VPS Malaysia hosting package of Wisesolution starts @900/mo. available in both types of an operating system- Linux VPS and Windows VPS Malaysia.


VPS Malaysia is no doubt the best choice over Shared Hosting. Whether you evaluate vps server Malaysia in terms of scalability, reliability, flexibility, security, cost, control over the server, or uptime, it will score the highest marks in every case. Shared Hosting for your Blog 

After reading this article, hopefully, you must have realized the need for a VPS server in Malaysia for your Blog and looking for the best reliable vps hosting provider. Many web hosting companies are available online, but if you are looking for a cheap vps Malaysia with enterprise-grade resources and high-quality services, I recommend you choose Wisesolution. 


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