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Smart TV brands : TV has become an indispensable product of every household. Not only parents but also the youngsters love to watch every on a big screen. For having access to all the channels where different shows stream, you need to have a DTH connection or subscription to OTT platforms. However, without a high-quality screen to watch the content, how could you grow interest? That’s why smart TV s has taken over the market and providing a quality experience. Also read – TIPS FOR CONTENT ON INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK

However, which brand to choose when looking for the best smart TV brands in India? Well, our guide will help you.

Best Smart TV brands In India!!


Sony has revolutionized the way an individual has been watching TV. Coming in various sizes, the crystal clear clarity will make you want to watch more. Next, you can easily pair your phone to the TV and watch any content uninterruptedly. Besides, Sony Bravia is one of the most popular series that impressed a majority of the customers when it launched. You will get LED, OLED and even 4K resolution to choose from.Smart TV brands


LG is a household name when it comes to high-quality appliances. Some of the LG smart TV offers 4K UHD screens for the clearest possible pictures. Be it Android or iOS, you can connect any device to LG. Also, due to the special Active HDR feature, you will witness rich, bright and vibrant colours. Moreover, it never misses on producing high-quality sound for an excellent experience. Smart TV brands 


Any living in India or in this world will know how popular Samsung is. By far, Samsung has some advanced features. It is one of the best-LED TV brands in India as it comes with the patent Quantum Dot LED Display. The most interesting fact about this is that it has a 120Hz refresh rate. As a matter of fact, one can even play HD games on this screen. Nothing will flicker or get stuck. Lastly, you can of course play any video or streaming platform. Smart TV brands


Panasonic speaks quality and defines it every time you order a product from the brand.  Having big screens to give the users a theatre-like experience, you will love to watch TV from every angle. Also, it offers 4K Pro Ultra HD. So, you can guess how high-quality resolution your TV can provide. You can connect to the internet and even add apps from the Market. Thus, get everything without any hiccups.


OnePlus dominated the market with its high-end features. However, soon expanded itself and now launching Smart TV. Unlike other brands, OnePlus is pretty new in the competition. However, the quality must not be undermined. The OnePlus Smart TVs usually run on the latest Android. Also, the brands assure sufficient RAM and storage to make the operation fast and smooth. Given that, the speakers are powerful enough to produce a clear sound.  You even get USB ports for easy connection. It sounds much like a computer but honestly, OnePlus produces the new generation TV.

The competition is getting harder and it is becoming difficult for users to come to a decision. So, we have jotted the top brands that had made their prominence in the market. There are many other brands but get only the best for longevity. From best screen quality to smart features, you will get it all. So, study the factors and order one soon for yourself.


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