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There are lots of elements of a secured app. In these elements, there comes end-to-end encryption, synchronization and multi-mode of the messages. End-to-end encryption means that only communicators can read the messages. This feature has become the safest form of messaging. If someone wants to decrypts these messages, he has to use the secret code. Moreover, it will not store copies of the messages elsewhere instead of servers. Secondly, it should provide multi-modes of communication to the users. It means that users can send and receive messages in various forms like audio, video and text etc. At last, it should provide support for multiple platforms. You can easily use this app either on mobile, web or desktop. Here, we will discuss top secured messaging apps for the users.


This messaging app has been enabling and implementing end-to-end encryption since 2016. That’s why you can enjoy secure communication while using this app. It has almost 1.5 billion users across the world. It is a product of Facebook and you can use it freely for personal or small enterprise use. The top security features of this messaging app are protecting the communications of the users against malicious users. Due to security flaws, if hackers get success to hack this app, they can’t decrypt the messages of the users. It is because Whatsapp is not storing the messages of the users on its servers. By using this secured messaging app, you can’t send only text messages but you can also send audio files, video files and other documents. You can easily use this app to keep in contact with your friends and family members.

Signal Private Messenger:

Millions of people are using Signal Private Messenger because it is one of the most secure apps. This app has its private preserving technology. This technology is ensuring the security of end-to-end communications. It is also the best app that you can use for end-to-end encrypted calling and messaging. As a user, if you want to further enhance the security of the app, they can enable different disappearing intervals. No doubt, it is an open-source app but you will not see advertisements on this app. The company has not generated keys for the decryption of the messages. That’s why the company can’t get access to the messages of the users. Along with end-to-end communication, it is also a secure app for group chats.


If you are looking for the most secured collaboration messaging app, Wire is the best choice for you. To protect the messages, images and files of the users, this app has enabled end-to-end encryption. This function of the app is working in the background. Therefore, you don’t need to activate it. They have introduced a new security feature for the users. With the help of this security feature, they have improved the security of the end-to-end encryptions. The wire will never sell the data of the users to a third party. This app has devised some strict data protection laws. This app is freely available for personal use. Anyhow, if you want to use it for an organization, you will have to buy its premium version.


The security experts have audited this messaging app. According to them, this messaging app is using the best encryption methods to ensure the security of the users. The users will enjoy this secured app through its slicker interface. While ensuring the security of the end-to-end chats, you should make sure that you have enabled the Secret mode. If you will not enable the Secret mode, anyone can get access to your messages. Along with this security feature, it is also providing some other security features. For example, your messages will disappear after some time. This app is also providing a feature of chat backup to the users. You will find an intuitive and responsive interface to make chats on this app.


Recommended by a dissertation help firm, if you want to save your data from organizations and government agencies, you can make use of this app. Along with encrypting the end-to-end chats, it is also encrypting the end-to-end calls. This messaging app is not storing the contact numbers, chats and other data on their servers. When you will send data to others by using this app, it will immediately delete this data from the servers. As a result, you can store the local files on your device. When local files will not be available for others on the servers, hackers can’t get access to these files. Along with these security features, it is a fully functional app. It means that you can use this app either to send messages, images or files.

Wickr Me:

You can use this messaging app on the iPhone as well as on android phones. For personal use, you can secure your messages by using its free version. If you want to secure the messages of an organization, you will have to use Wickr Pro. It is offering lots of security features to the users. First, it is offering end-to-end encryption. It will encrypt your text messages, calls and voice messages. Secondly, it is offering a feature of screenshot detection. When someone will take a screenshot of your messages, it will send you a notification. Thirdly, for the protection of the app in your device, they have introduced a screen overlay protection feature. At last, this app also stops the third-party keyboards. Its reason is that hackers can also hack your account by using third party keyboards.

Facebook Messenger:

Due to the sheer popularity of this social media site, you can also use it to send and receive messages. When you will use this app, you can also enjoy lots of security features. First, it is ensuring end-to-end encryption for the users. For this reason, they have introduced the Secret Conversations feature. By using this feature, it is providing security to the end-to-end encryption of the users. By default, you will enjoy the end-to-end security feature. Anyhow, if you want to make use of the Secret Conversations feature, you will have to enable it. If you want to increase the security of this messaging app, you can use self-destructing messages feature.


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