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Gojek : The pandemic-imposed lockdown has left people with no choice but to seek digital platforms to get their service done. Besides, digital solutions also offer utmost convenience to the users, as a result of which on-demand apps are now quickly overtaking the traditional business model.

There are many on-demand apps for taxi booking, cleaning service, home maid assistance, food delivery, grocery delivery, etc., to help people. Can you think of ways to eliminate the stuffing of too many apps into the user’s smartphone? How about providing all the services in a single app?

It is made possible with the Gojek clone! It is an on-demand multi-services app that offers various services to cater to customer needs in one single application. It is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who want to launch an app-based startup and are interested in offering more than one service. Gojek

If you’ve come to this point, it means you’re interested in launching a multi-services app solution. Right? Well, That’s great! Then, it’s time we dive into the topic.
Providing the most demanded services improves the chances of your app’s success. We shall look into some of the most sought on-demand services among customers. Gojek

What Are The Services To Integrate Into Your Gojek Clone App ?

Make sure that any user who turns to your app can enjoy availing themselves of any on-demand service they want. This attracts a massive customer base by serving as the best one-stop destination for all your customer needs. Here are some of the services you can provide in your app. Gojek

On-demand taxi apps

We already know the popularity that the ride-hailing business has gained and still expected to grow in the upcoming years. So, you can integrate a taxi ride-booking component in your app that can offer taxi rides, shuttle services, moto bike rides, etc.

On-demand delivery apps

Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, people are compelled to stay indoors. This made people heavily rely on on-demand apps that supply daily necessities, including groceries. People are now accustomed to the convenience and comfort of being able to get anything, at any time and from anywhere.

So, entrepreneurs can provide the delivery services that are high-in-demand, such as:

  • Food delivery
  • Stationery delivery
  • Medicine delivery
  • Alcohol delivery
  • Flowers and gifts delivery

On-demand services

This category includes a range of assistance that people look out for to manage their tasks. It includes,

1. Home cleaning services
2. Baby-sitting services
3. On-demand handyman services
4. Laundry services
5. Beauty services and much more.

How Is A Multi-services App Beneficial?

Be visible to your customers all the time

On average, a person spends over two hours every day on smartphones. So, offering premium features and numerous services in your Gojek Clone engages your users, make them stay and purchase for as long as possible.

Way easy to use for customers

From the user’s point of view, having a single application makes the process of acquiring services easy and quick.

Provides jobs for independent contractors

Gojek clone app provides a number for opportunities for service providers, delivery drivers, independent contractors, etc. All they have to do is register themselves and list their services on the app platform.

The app intimates them of the service requirements. They can be their own bosses and work according to their own schedules.

Requires less investment

The app development cost is a major concern for entrepreneurs. But if you think deeply, developing and maintaining a separate app for each service is expensive. Whereas bringing more than 60+ on-demand services under one roof saves a lot of time and money.

Enables to boost your local community

If you want to run your business successfully, it is necessary that you partner with the suppliers, vendors, service providers, delivery persons, etc. Having a reliable service provider resource ensures steady revenue for your business.

Concluding Note,

Utilizing on-demand multi-services app scripts eliminates the cost of managing inventory and warehousing as most of the services involve picking up from local vendors and delivering to the customers. Taking your multi-services app development onboard is easy with the right development team by your side.


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