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Image Or A Hyperlink Designing and maintaining the website is the most efficient option for modern business. There
are many new strategies available for digital marketing attributes. Implementing the correct
procedure in the website, such as user-friendly features, unique navigation facility, and many
others, provide better attraction. Especially, images play an essential role in attracting most of
the viewers. Images give a better understanding of your products or services instantly. Making
appropriate hyperlinks to your content is most important. Fixing the Broken Images as well as
Links on Your Website is a significant option for ensuring viewers get better accessibility Image Or A Hyperlink.

Possible Reasons Why Your Images Are Not Showing:

When your Image or Hyperlink is not displaying on your website, then you need to act quickly.
These could automatically reduce your ROI, and taking immediate action for resolving the
problem is a wise decision. There are many possibilities that could result in the images not
showing up on pages.
 Image file not located in the exact location specified in <IMG SRC=> tag;
 Image file gets damaged or corrupted
 The image file does not have a similar path as specified in your <IMG SRC=> tag;
 The image file does not have the appropriate filename as specified in your <IMG SRC=>
tag Image Or A Hyperlink.

Reasons Why Hyperlink Returns A File Not Found Error:

Usually, there could be a couple of reasons why the hyperlinks return the File Not Found error.
It is one of the common errors that most find when uploading the images or adding a hyperlink.
Some of the possible reasons for hyperlink returns ‘File Not Found error.
 The page you are linking does not exist in the exact location specified in the <A HREF>
tag Image Or A Hyperlink.
 The page you are linking does not have the same file name specified in the <A HREF>
The same file name and location of the pages you link to are essential. These would be a
suitable option for connecting the hyperlink or images so that they improve the visibility of your
website to more numbers of viewers. Broken images or links in the website is not caused on the
server-side. These could be only caused by incorrect HTML coding or even errors for uploading
the images files for servers Image Or A Hyperlink.
 /My home directory – location of the index file is stored
 /Library/The library – location of articles are stored
 /images/ – location of images directory
 /links/ – location of links directory

Broken Images And Links In WordPress:

WordPress has a Plugin that automatically alerts the user about the broken links or images.
These are the excellent option for extensively giving you better stability in quickly accessing
every attribute. Typically, it is a pretty handy and straightforward process as WordPress alerts
about the broken images as well as links. These make the complete aspects unique and assures
saving more time with the process. Gaining more visibility of the website ensures improving the
website. There are many processes involved with troubleshooting broken images or links Image Or A Hyperlink.

Follow the below steps for efficiently resolving your issues.

 Place cursor over broken hyperlink or image
 Right-click, your mouse
 Popup menu appears with several options
 Right-click on image In Google Chrome
 Click Inspect Element
 URL will be displayed stating the location
 Web page tells browsers
 Write down the path
 Copy and paste into your favorite text editor
 You can refer to it later

How To Verify Your Image Filename And Location?

Images require the appropriate filename along with the location. It is essential to verify them
accordingly to ensure better link stability, even without any hassle. There are many methods
available for quickly verifying the image file name along with the location. Log in to your
account using the control panel file manager or FTP. It is a simple process for accessing
everything instantly, even without any hassle Image Or A Hyperlink. Now you can navigate through the directory
called path. Upon completing the identification process, you have better stability on quickly
accessing everything to the greatest extent Image Or A Hyperlink.
 Open control panel file manager or FTP
 Log in to your account
 Available “root” or “system” directory
 Double-click on the guide in FTP
 Continue navigating until you reach the subdirectory in which the image is supposed to
be found
 type cd www command in SSH
 Try to locate your image file
 FTP clients automatically display all files in the current directory
 Get directory listing with type ls -a In SSH
 Click Enter

Upon accessing the account, you would enter the “root” or “system” directory. The path will be
represented by, which is quite the new directory. It would help if you
went to the guide using the correct procedure. These FTP involves a double-click on the
directory so that they would be named as www. When you are using the SSH, then all issues
can be easily enabled with the UNIX cd command. You can type the cd www command and
access the file name. You could easily navigate through each of the aspects with subdirectory
images that are found. The FTP clients display files automatically in the current directory so that
they are suitable for fixing the errors. You can get the directory listing in the SSH by typing ls –a.
How To Fix Broken Image Or A Hyperlink?
UNIX is the case sensitive server concerned with more numbers of files that includes
myimage.GIF, MyImage.gif as well as myimage.gif. It is essential to check the appropriate file
name in the directory and the path set on a web page Image Or A Hyperlink. These need to be exact for ensuring they
work properly Image Or A Hyperlink. When they mismatch, then it could cause broken images or hyperlinks. The first
thing that you need to do is figure out what the problem is Image Or A Hyperlink.
 Open FTP client or Web access
 Choose your images to upload
 Re-upload your images to ensure they are on the site in the first place
When the image is not uploaded correctly, then drag and drop the image under the FTP. It is
quite a simple process Image Or A Hyperlink. You need to check on the type of path or location about enabling
images automatically. Promoting the correct “mode” gives you better stability and helps save
more time. Photos uploaded but not linked to HTML correctly are a common problem. Make
sure that images are uploaded with the “binary” format (ASCII).
JDM Web Technologies is leading in offering you the best solution for increasing website
stability. Experts are well versed in fixing the Image or Hyperlink not displaying correctly.

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