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Ideas for Employee Engagement – Remote work became significantly popular with the outbreak of the global pandemic. Organisations around the globe adopted work from a home culture in order to keep running smoothly and prevent their employees from the risk of getting affected by COVID-19. Here, engaging employees becomes even more crucial. As attendees are working from different remote locations and there is no contact between them, engaging them becomes necessary. It will help in breaking the ice between employees and motivating them to have interactions freely when required. 

But, engaging remote employees is not as easy as it sounds. Many organizations face trouble in exploring innovative ideas to engage remote employees. Several large-scale organisations are brainstorming with the concept of making work from home a part of their organisation. Where a significant percentage of attendees will work remotely and others will work from the office in the near future. Here, thinking of innovative employee engagement ideas becomes a must to retain the talented employees of an organisation. Additionally, it will help in keeping your remote employees engaged and keeping organisational culture upbeat. 

In this blog, we have uncovered some of the most exciting and out-of-the-box employee engagement ideas for your remote workforce. So, without any further delay, it’s time to dig in and explore the most innovative virtual event ideas for employee engagement. 

What does employee engagement mean?

Employee engagement refers to the process of making employees feel happy, contented, valued, motivated, and stay loyal to their workplace. In today’s pandemic-driven world, it has become an utmost priority for organisations to curate creative and innovative virtual event ideas to engage remote employees effectively. 

A good salary package is just not enough for today’s modern employees. They seek many other things that an organisation can offer. Employee engagement activities make them feel respected and valued in the organisation they work for. Additionally, employee engagement is even essential in remote work formats. It helps in breaking the monotony as everyone is working alone from their homes and makes them feel motivated to achieve their goals. If an organisation does not make employees feel valued they are most likely to leave. 

However, if an organisation keeps its employees engaged by organising certain activities, it results in better performance and productivity of remote workers. Thus, resulting in boosting better revenues for the organisation. In today’s time brainstorming for employee engagement ideas has become a mandate to achieve optimal outcomes. 

Top 7 Innovative Virtual Event Ideas to Engage Remote Workforce

We have listed some of the effective virtual event ideas for employee engagement that helps in boosting their morale, productivity and make them feel valued. 

  1. Organise a virtual reward and recognition ceremony

It is one of the most effective virtual event ideas to engage employees and make them feel valued. Organising a virtual rewards and recognition ceremony helps in boosting the employee’s morale while making them feel valued. It helps in boosting employee productivity and motivates them to give their best. You can recognize the top talents of your organisations during the event. Additionally, you can even reward employees who achieved the highest targets. Recognizing your remote workforce virtually and offering them badges or stars motivates them to stay loyal to the organisation and give their 100% to the work. It even helps in motivating other attendees who did not receive the star to book the star on their name for the next month by working hard for it. 

  1. Make virtual games part of team building activities

Motivate your employees to play various games organised during team-building activities. Introduce virtual games like spin the wheel, crossword, trivia, tic-tac-toe, dart game, etc. in your virtual team building activities. It will help in breaking the monotony and boosting excitement among your employees. Virtual games help in breaking the ice between remote employees and offer them an opportunity to interact with each other freely. 

  1. Organise quizzes to engage your employees during meetings

You can incorporate quizzes amid virtual meetings with your remote employees. It will help in engaging them with the meetings effectively. Motivate them to participate in quizzes organised during virtual meetings by offering swag bags. Reward top 5 winners with discount coupons, gift vouchers, or swag bags with an organisation logo to deliver memorable virtual event experiences. 

  1. Conduct Q&A sessions for employee engagement

You can even opt to organise Q&A sessions for your remote workforce to boost employee engagement. There are many such questions for which the remote workforce struggles. Organising Q&A sessions offers them a chance to ask their questions or queries directly with the team leaders. Additionally, it even helps in boosting conversations with other employees. 

  1. Set up a virtual photo challenge 

Integrating photo challenges is one of the very effective and interesting virtual employee engagement activities. Ask all the remote employees to share their childhood pics. Start flashing the pics on the screen as soon as the event starts. Ask other employees to identify the person in the pic. Offer giveaways or reward points on the right answer. It not only helps in breaking the ice between employees but also boosts excitement and enthusiasm during virtual meets.

  1. Offer short meditation breaks between meetings 

Try to keep the length of the meetings short. Elongated meetings or unnecessary meetings result in making employees lose their productivity. Offer short meditation breaks during meetings. As working from home is quite tiring, motivating your attendees to do a little meditation or exercise during the short breaks in meetings helps in making them feel relaxed and more focused. Thus, resulting in boosting their productivity that relatively results in boosting organisation revenues.

  1. Try your hands on organising leaderboard challenge

Rewarding employees with discount coupons, gift cards, or virtual giveaways always works in engaging them effortlessly with the event. You can opt to organise a leaderboard challenge in your corporate events. It will help in motivating employees to do certain activities in order to earn points that are displayed on the scoreboard. Incentivize employees who are the top scorers on the leaderboard. It will help in making attendees feel appreciated and valued. Thus, resulting in boosting employee engagement during corporate events.

Final Word

Employee engagement is a crucial task. And when it comes to virtual employee engagement it becomes even more challenging. We have listed some of the most innovative ideas to engage remote employees effectively. It’s time for you to try your hand at the ideas mentioned above and achieve optimal results!


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