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Employee tracker refers to the method to track the employee at the workplace place about their all activities and movement. This method uses to check the working performance of the employees in the company.

The core purpose behind every business is to get success at the highest rank in the market. Employers work for the betterment of their company and business as their competitors. It can keep an eye on their employee/ staff and go through the all activities of employees and come to know the all activities.


They track all online activities like the e-mail sent or received mail, SMS, text messages, usage of internet and social media apps, and come to know the internet history.  The employer found the information and data of their staff that can be helpful for the evaluation of the work performance of their company.

Tracker app to monitor the employees

The fastest growth of technology and rapid change in society, change the way to run a business and company.  It depend the Success of any business, and the safety of the organization needs to track the employee’s activities in the advanced time of technology. It can protect the business and organization from any harm and damage to the company.

Reasons to track the employees

There are some of the major reasons to track the employees at their working place by using employee tracker software.

Increase the work productivity

To track the employee is for the betterment of the company and organization. It can protect the business from the upcoming dangers. To check the staff performance related to the task that has given by the company. Through the tracking system make sure the employee is doing their work or waste time with the other activities.

To check the working hours

The employer wants to keep an eye on all activities of their staff. It can help to check the workers are doing the work or waste their time doing other activities.

Safe the company from any danger

With the competitors and the advanced technology, the organization needs to be more aware of the safety of a business. If the employee has the access to the company’s private data so they need more conscious about that need to protect data.

To find out the area of improvement

If an employer sees that the duty staff wastes their time in doing useless activities. And it needs to monitor them but it is not possible without the phone tracker App. An employer can find the issue regarding the business and try to improve. Employers can bring best out of the business using the employee surveillance app.

To determine who is the best employee

It finds out the best employee of an organization regarding the work position. To analyze the work performance of the employee and come to know the best employee who is doing hard work.

To check the regulation of employee

To measure the regulation of employees is they are regular or perform their work honestly. They are regular or not with the tracking software employer monitor each second of their working ability.

Save from online threats

With the advancement of technology, there is a lot of data theft is in the market. They use the technology and collect the company’s data that can be harmful to the company’s reputation.

How to track the employees with the employee tracker app

For the success of the business at the highest rank and protect from any online dangers that might be harmful for the company reputation and hit the business. So there is the core need to protect the business through the tracking software.

TheOneSpy tracking application

TheOneSpy tracking application provides the latest technique to monitor the employees secretly. It provides the facility to check the employee’s online activities remotely. Its use for the success of the company and improve the quality of business. It is also called employee monitoring software.

The features for the employee tracker

Email/messaging chat

With the help of it, the employer can monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages, emails, chats, group chat and also send and receive messages of the targeted device.

Monitor the Keystrokes

To track all types of keys that are applied on the targeted devices like SMS, Password, and Messenger.

Camera bugging

Through the amazing feature, of the camera bugging of a live stream that can watch and record of surrounding of the targeted cell phone.

Track the SMS

It provides a tracking system that can easily monitor the incoming and outgoing SMS of the targeted device.

Password chaser

Users can check the pin password or the digits of the password or pattern of the targeted device secretly.


The tracking software is useful for the betterment of the company and organization. So the employer should use the TheOneSpy tracking software.


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