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If you want to run your small-scale business, you should have the spirit to experiment with new things. In this competitive world, you need to face different types of challenges. In some cases, you may win, or you may learn. To become a successful entrepreneur, you must gain enough experience.

To get a better outcome without spending much, you need to follow intelligent marketing strategies. Hence you have less budget to invest, make some unique marketing strategies which provide pinpoint outcome. We would say you can run your business effectively with limited bucks.

Some practical marketing strategies are not only effective but also recurring and carrying long-term usage. If you are ready to take challenges and experiment with a unique marketing tactic, you will get desirable results in the future.

In this article, we are going to discuss some practical marketing ideas for your startup business.

Six unique marketing ideas to run your startup business

  1. Publish valuable content

Content marketing can advocate your business goals. Lack of budget won’t come in accomplishing your marketing objectives if you are ready to invest time in content development. Build a website relevant to your business. Show your product and services. A great way to get attention is by creating graphics that stand out, these tend to gain a lot of traction and perform better than text-only posts. You can use tools like PosterMyWall to easily customize their templates and create stunning graphical content. Write content relevant to your business. You can publish blogs, articles, press-release to grab the attention of your audience. You may create a lot of buzz through valuable content.

If you consistently post blogs and articles regularly, you can gain tons of organic traffic. In this way, valuable content brings qualified leads and business conversions. If you don’t have time to articulate valuable content, hire content writing experts to do the same for your business. Creating content is the first cost-effective marketing strategy that provides you an obvious result

  1. Raise business visibility on the social media page

Recently social media are doing a great job in the field of marketing. You can publicize your services through social media. Social media has become an excellent marketing tool for small as well as large-scale businesses. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest have opened the window of opportunities for startup business owners. You can get many audiences from social media pages because each social media platform has millions of active users.

Use all of these social media platforms for visibility of your brands and networking. You can run social media campaign without crossing your budget. Social media campaign offers targeted result for your business in a small period than a conventional marketing strategy.

3. Start video marketing

Include video marketing in your cost-effective marketing strategies. Now in the virtual era, people love to watch exciting videos. So, create crisp and engaging marketing videos for your business. Research suggests that videos are more impactful than written text.

Therefore, you should create high-quality videos to grab the attention of your target audience without spending a high amount of money. YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motions are great platforms to create quality videos. You can earn millions of followers through video marketing and promote your brand—Video marketing also a cost-effective strategy to build brand awareness. Now How-to videos are in demand and can act as a great marketing tool as well.

To make a professional video, take the help of a video content creator, and see the magic.

  1. Don’t ignore email marketing.

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message to your subscribers using email. Sending an advertising message to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It is also an effective tactic to bring successful business leads.

But you have to remember that you should send the right kind of mail to the correct type of audience. To use email marketing strategy ineffective way, you first need to understand your clients’ ultimate requirements. Then offer a solution to their problem through the mail. It would be a great way to experience email marketing’s full potential. To start email marketing, add a newsletter signup form on your website.

  1. Introduce customer referral program

One of the primary ways of successful marketing is to showing your product or services to promote your business. Mckinsey suggests word-of-mouth referrals make up to 20-50% of the significant buying decision, especially for new brands in the emerging field. So, make a list of the possible referral source. It can be from current customers, old customers, influencers, or vendors.

A referral program will give you a solid kick to continue your marketing journey

  1. Arrange workshop or webinar

Last but not least, you can arrange a business workshop or webinar for entrepreneurs to help them properly run their businesses. For effective results, you need to arrange product or service-related webinars. Host some free webinars to attract a mass audience, and speak about the services, values of the product you offer.

Digital marketing company India follows mostly above-mentioned marketing strategies to establish a startup business. For more details, you may take guidance from an experienced digital marketing consultant.


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