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What if I tell you to become an industry expert, you don’t really need actual expertise? Why? Because it’s a measure of your brand more than a measure of your intellect. Building a brand doesn’t require brilliance. It’s a mechanical process.

Does all this sound too overwhelming? Let’s make it simple by sharing with you proven steps on how to establish yourself as an industry expert.

Drum roll, please…

1: Start a Podcast

First things first, to build trust and credibility, you must make your customers recognize that you can offer them what they need. For this, podcasts are perfect. Industry Expert

Now it’s fair to ask why someone would listen to my podcast. Because you are offering a solution to their problem! For example, if their problem is finding untapped streaming services where incredible titles are available, create a podcast that addresses this need. Introduce your audience to services like Spectrum Gold Packages. Tell them all they need to hear.

Keep giving them insights free of charge and gain their trust. There will come a time when they will start calling you the expert.

2: Write a Book

If you have got the time, then write a book my friend, and sell it on amazon. A book that bags #1 position on Amazon for 6 weeks is considered credible. Industry Expert

3: Keep Getting Interviewed

Landed your first interview? Great, keep looking for more.

Journalists find it reassuring if a person has been interviewed before. Let others know you are media-savvy by creating a media page on your site. Add links to the profiles of journalists who have interviewed you in the past. It’s a great trick to let others know that you are an authority in your niche. Industry Expert

4: Showcase the Awards You Have Received

Awards validate that you are an authority and you have been rewarded for your abilities.

Even nominations count. No wonder celebrities’ bio often includes “Academy award-nominated.”

When you are awarded something, call your local newspaper and inform them about this achievement. They will make a story out of it, which will benefit you!

5: Create a Social Media Presence

Nobody will believe you are an industry expert if you don’t have a social media presence in today’s time. Of course, Daniel Radcliffe can get away with it because he is F***ing Harry Potter but not you, my friend. Industry Expert

Find out where your target market hangs out the most. Initially, don’t try tackling all social media platforms. Pick one and make it your focus. Post regularly, build a fan following, and interact with them.

Share with your fans what a day in your life looks like. People really want to know who’s the person behind this business. No wonder they say social media allows you to be direct with your customers. Industry Expert

6: Become a Professional Speaker 

Reach out to networking groups, schools, local trade organizations, and even churches to give 30 minutes speeches on the topic/subject you have expertise in. Industry Expert

This is how people within your local community recognize you. And it’s just the beginning because once you get the chance to speak at an event, the rest is history.

7: Appear As a Guest on a Radio Show

Thousands of Internet radio shows are out there. Find the one in your niche and look for opportunities to be invited as a guest. Even if you are able to get featured for 15 minutes, this could change everything.

8: Take Advantage of Endorsements

A proven tactic of shouting out loud that you are an expert is getting endorsement from a famous company or person. Even a testimonial from a popular figure would work.

Once you get a sponsorship from a well-known brand, make sure to brag about it in your bio. Let people know you are credible!

9: Teach Classes or Workshops 

Teaching is a powerful way of establishing yourself as an authority. Bonus: It is highly rewarding. Volunteer to teach at an adulating learning center or a local college. If you have an office, you can also host a small workshop there. Let your students spread good words about you.


Whatever tricks you use, it’s important to find ways of setting yourself apart from your competition. It may take some time to see the results but you will get there. People will soon start seeing you as an expert.

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