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Tools To Plan Your Career – Deciding on a career takes knowledge of self, goal setting, and research. Career planning tools make complicated tools easier to manage. A Career Counselling in Kolkata says that there are several career planning tools designed for those who are interested in making a career change or to assist people in just joining the workforce. Tools To Plan Your Career

About Career Planning Tools:

Career planning tools are worksheets, documents, practices, or procedures which help to determine the best career for students. Certain high schools offer these tools as they prepare to apply for college, join the workforce, or military, usually in the form of guidance counselling and questionnaires. However, career planning tools are available both in-person and online for anyone at any age who is fascinated by exploring new career options.

Significance of Career Planning Tools:

  • Career planning tools are significant as they help in restricting the options when the students are uncertain about what they want to do for their careers Tools To Plan Your Career
  • So, to be successful in a career they should enjoy the work they do and have a specific skill set 
  • Career planning tools can help in determining what jobs might interest students, jobs that might be available for their field of interest, and the skills they already have that are transmittable to a career 

Moreover, these tools can help them establish a path to obtain a job, guide them through the necessary experienced-based and educational steps. Also read – YouTube Channel Description

Tools To Plan Your Career

List of Career Planning Tools:

Career planning tools range in cost and type. Some are independent while others might need assistance from a Career Counselling in Kolkata. Some cost money while some are cost-free.

  • Career planning process
  • Personality test
  • Self-assessment
  • Community resources
  • SWOT Analysis

Career Planning Process:

Choosing the right career is a big deal. It’s about more than making decisions on what to do to make a living. When the employees think about the amount of time they will spend at work, they will get clarity of why this decision is such a big deal. They will be present 70% approximately on their jobs every year apart from the holidays and taking leaves. This becomes roughly around 30 years out of the 45 years they’ll probably spend working from the beginning of their career until retirement over their lifetime. Tools To Plan Your Career

A considerable portion of life will be spent pursuing a career where the students must definitely not underestimate the importance of selecting a career that is the right fit for them. There are few important things to consider in making this personal decision. Tools To Plan Your Career

It is suggested to follow the commonly used steps below to increase the chances of finding a satisfying career:

Career Exploration



Career Exploration

Career exploration focuses on learning about the professions that seem to be the right fit based on the results of the self-assessment and any other occupations that interest people. Print and online resources can be used to learn about particular job duties, get a job description, and gather labour market information including job outlooks and median salaries. Tools To Plan Your Career

After the completion of preliminary research, people can start eliminating professions that don’t appeal to them and get more details about those that do. This is an ideal time to arrange job shadowing opportunities and conduct informational interviews. Job shadowing involves following employees around at work in order to learn more about what they do. During an informational interview, the aspirants can ask people who work in an occupation that are interested in asking questions about their jobs. Tools To Plan Your Career


  • During this step, people can decide which occupation is the right fit for them based on what they learned during their previous steps. Tools To Plan Your Career
  • People can identify the occupation in which they are most interested from a Career Counselling in Kolkata and one or two reasons if they wish to fall back. Tools To Plan Your Career
  • They can give a serious thought about the preparation of entering the chosen career, the cost associated with training and education, and about the consequences in case of any barriers. Tools To Plan Your Career


The action plan can be written during this step. It will serve as a good guide in reaching the ultimate goal of getting a job in the career that a person deems to be a good match. The long-term and short-term goals can be identified to reach the ultimate one. Tools To Plan Your Career

The appropriate training and education programs like apprenticeship, graduate schools, or colleges can be investigated. Tools To Plan Your Career

A job search strategy can be developed if a person is ready to seek employment. This helps in learning and identifying potential employers. Tools To Plan Your Career

So, this is a step-by-step plan formulated to determine the interests, skills, and ideal career. This will help in finding the experience and education that people need to find a job in their chosen field.

Things Need To Be Known About Career Planning Process:

It is essential to note that the career planning process is endless. People may seek additional designations or training that can help them continue to pursue their goals at several points in their careers. In certain cases, the career may take new turns, or people may choose to redefine themselves and their careers. Taking the time to plan will help in keeping one focused on a goal-oriented path regardless of the phase that he/she might be in his/her career. Tools To Plan Your Career

People can attempt to go through the career planning process on their own or can work with a Career Counselling in Kolkata who will help in facilitating the journey. Working with a career professional or a mentor can be the right way to better understand the work the chosen career involves and also to learn about new opportunities that one might not be aware of within the industry. Tools To Plan Your Career

Personality Tests:

Personality tests are assignments that identify fundamental aspects that identify fundamental aspects of a person’s personality and usually explain how those aspects make him/her a negative or positive candidate for certain activities, relationships, or jobs. There are various personality tests available that help in figuring out the types of personalities required for setting the career in the right direction. Tools To Plan Your Career

When Can The Personality Tests Be Tried?

Personality tests can be beneficial in transitional moments of his/her career. An assessment can be a good way to decide which choices might be ideal for them. Tools To Plan Your Career

It can show people whether they need more experience or training. It can reveal what skills they have that make them strong candidates for specific jobs. Finally, it helps in writing more effective cover letters and resumes.

But, none of these tests will offer people definitive answers on what they should do with their lives. Rather, they can be a tool in their overall career planning which helps them make a better-informed choice.

How far are the tests reliable and valid?

A wide range of personality tools and career assessment tests are available online. There are a variety of free career assessments that can be tried, while the others charge for certain or some portion of the test.

When a personality or career assessment is taken, it is essential to keep in mind that they may have little or no professional validity. However, they are easy and quick to take and the answers chosen might give insight into which jobs might be a good match for each one. Tools To Plan Your Career

Kinds Of Career Personality Tests:

These are tests that measure aptitude and intelligence, inventory skills and assess the ability to succeed in a career. The different types of assessment tools are as follows:

1) Career Tests

Career tests are used to indicate which job matches the personality type and about the careers that have great potential to excel. People can attend a quick quiz online and get an immediate result or take more professional and extensive assessments to determine which careers might best suit them. This can be evaluated even with the help of the best Career Counselling in Kolkata. Tools To Plan Your Career

2) Intelligence Tests

Intelligence tests are given in order to measure the Intelligence Quotient (IQ). A person’s intelligence quotient is a measure of intelligence formulated by combining results from multiple specially designed tests.

3) Inventories

Inventories are checklists that can be used to identify factors that are related or interrelated. They measure the intensity of interest corresponding to those people who are already employed in several positions. Career inventories offer a summary of one’s interest occupations and areas matching those interests.

4) Psychological Tests

Other psychological tests and personality tests measure one’s emotional makeup, personal characteristics, and stabilities.  A Career Counselling in Kolkata often uses it as a tool in the self-assessment part of the career planning process. Some of these tests can be easily understood online, while others require a counsellor to interpret them. 

5) Behavioural Tests

Behavioural tests are also similar to personality tests except that they focus a little more on one’s emotional and mental health. These assessments help people see whether they are especially gifted emotionally as demonstrated by their hypothetical responses to life’s challenges rather than pointing out the weaknesses.

6) Motivational Tests

Motivational tests are very similar to inventories and career tests. They aim to help people understand the types of problems and work that motivates them in both informal and formal settings. They are beneficial tests that help job-seekers enhance greater self-awareness in their job search. Tools To Plan Your Career

7) Skill Assessments

Skill assessments enable job seekers to evaluate the skills that are present already and in finding the type of work that they relate to. Tools To Plan Your Career


Self-assessments assume that one knows himself/herself better than any test could. It relies on personal reflection to identify skills and interests in a particular field. There are multiple ways to complete self-assessments.


Writing is all about what one pictures when he/she thinks of a workplace. It is about whether there are other people around, about the place and time. People can use their imagination to determine what their ideal job looks like. 


Self-assessment workbooks and worksheets offer questions to guide reflection. These can help people focus their thinking and assist them in identifying what they might like to do as a job. 


People can ask their families or friends if they can shadow them at work for a day. They can reflect on what they liked or disliked about their job duties and work to determine which job is the best suited for them. 

Community Resources:

Many communities offer career planning tools through seminars, workshops, publications, and websites. Public libraries are the best community resource for those interested in career planning. Libraries offer magazines, books, and computers for research. Community and library centres may also offer community workshops on career planning. One’s local country’s unemployment office also has a wide variety of career planning resources.

SWOT Analysis:

The full form of SWOT is Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and threats. A SWOT analysis helps people learn about themselves so that they can identify jobs that fit their skill sets. Moreover, this analysis will identify external factors that may impact their career choice. Weaknesses and strengths are internal factors while threats and opportunities are external factors. Moreover, it offers an objective look at how a person or company fits in the competitive market and landscape. It offers a visual way to organize several variables making it easier to look at all the angles of a particular decision or objective. The questions that people might ask themselves to identify their strengths, weakness, opportunities and strengths are listed below:

Strengths: What sort of skills do I have? What am I fascinated with? What sort of environment am I adaptable for?

Weaknesses: What sort of subjects am I weak in? What am I afraid of?

Opportunities: In what environment do I work the best? How far am I motivated?

Threats: Do I bring any hazards to an organization? Why might a company not recruit me?

An in-depth SWOT analysis will be helpful in determining the advantages that might be brought to a potential employer and the areas which can be improved.

Thus, the best Career Counselling in Kolkata has recommended people to make use of all the above tools to plan each one’s career in the right way.

About The Author: – Mere Mentor was founded with the only purpose of helping the students in getting the right career direction. The human resources and technology is used by this first-ever digital platform for career counselling in India to make career guidance easy.





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