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There can be so many ways to transfer a file from your mobile to PC. You can use bluetooth, cloud sync, USB cable, etc. You may even find emailing an easier option to transfer your files and photos.

Transferring files from your mobile to PC is not rocket science. You need to only know some basic tricks to do so. Let’s talk about some handy tips to quickly transfer your files from your mobile to PC.

Five Tips to Transfer Files from Mobile to PC

In this article, you will learn how you can quickly and easily transfer files from your android to PC by using some best tricks.

1. Transfer Files from Android to PC using the USB cable

You can follow the steps to transfer files from Android to PC using a USB cable.

  • When you connect your PC with the Android phone, you will see an option Allow access. Click on it.
  • Check that the USB File transfer is turned on. Select the File Transfer option.
  • Check the Android device in your PC by opening the File Explorer. Identify its model name. Once connected, you can share the files.

You can transfer files from your mobile to PC by using the USB cable easily. But if your device is unable to connect with your PC, that means the installed MTP driver for Windows 10 is causing some issue. It enables the PC and mobile get connected and share files.

It is therefore recommended to download, install and update the USB device driver for Windows 10.

2. Transfer files from your Android to PC with AirDroid

AirDroid is an app for all the Android users. It is available in the market for free with an optional premium subscription. You can create an account or log-in using Google, Facebook or twitter. It offers tethering and notification tools. You can transfer files from the Android to PC through this app.

While you are transferring files to a PC, make sure that the Files option is turned on. Also go to the AirDroid download page. Now sign in to your account.

Search for the files you want to share, in your mobile. You can now select the sharing option and find AirDroid. Share the file now. That’s it.

3. Transfer files from Android to PC with Pushbullet

Pushbullet is an alternative to AirDroid. If you are not using AirDroid, you can transfer files using the Pushbullet to a PC. for that you should first install the Pushbullet Android app. It will ask for permission to access the media files. Click Allow if you want to grant the access.

Now, go to the Pushbullet website. Sign in there. You can now press the menu button. Click on the Pushing option now. Go to the Paperclip icon. Select the image you want to send. Then, click on the Send option. That’s it.

4. Transfer files from Android to Shared Windows folders

If you have an Android file manager and a Windows sharing folder, you can easily transfer files from your mobile to PC.

This method makes use of ES File Explorer. You can open the Menu. Expand the Network. You will see an option View on PC. To Enable, click on Turn on. You can now copy the FTP address into your PC’s file manager.

You will now see a folder structure of your Android device. You can easily find the data you want to share to your PC. Right-click on it. Select Copy to Folder. Browse the location on your PC. Click OK. Copy the data from your Phone to the PC.

5. Use SD cards

Just save the files to your phone’s memory SD card. Shut down the device. Take the SD card out and insert it into the card reader of your PC. It will enable to view the data.

Hence, you can share the files easily.


Hope you find the article useful. You can opt for any method of your choice whenever you want to share files from your phone to PC. Good Luck!


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