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Video consumption is constant today. We can see a demonstration of how to make a cake while we try to lose a few kilos in the gym or the explanation on the best way to position our website on the first page of Google while we wait for the children to leave school. And the most used platform to do this is YouTube.

Why Youtube?

Cast from Clay mentions that today, this platform does not stop growing year after year. It is the preferred one among the youngest and is available in more than 90 countries. Uploading your videos to YouTube can give your business a quality leap just by following a few simple steps. The data speaks for itself. Based on a study, t and we must be why YouTube and achieve greater visibility of your products.

So, if you have already convinced yourself that it is a good idea to promote your business on YouTube or if you already have your YouTube channel and want to improve its operation, we are going to help you make it the best promotional tool for your business. Read the following five keys carefully, and you will surely get it.

  1. Be constant, take advantage of the virality of the topics and treat the content with rigor and quality

It is possible that you have ever uploaded content to YouTube, that you have done it with the greatest enthusiasm, and it has taken a great effort. However, the visits you receive are much less than you expected. This can lead to a feeling of frustration. Fight against it.

Take, for example, the Latin poet Ovid, considered one of the greatest sages in history: “The drop pierces the stone not because of its strength, but because of its constancy.” We, who are not poets, tell you, in other words: Be constant.

A good idea to ensure that this constancy leads us to success is that, on occasions, we dedicate the space of our channel to topics that are fashionable. Provided, of course, that they can be related in some way to the content we want to sell and, at the same time, are interesting for the greatest number of people.

If you want to promote the products of your costume store, don’t just show the items you have. Take advantage, for example, of the upcoming release of a Star Wars movie, find out and explain in a video how the costumes of the original films are made. There are millions of followers of the saga!

Now, what are the requirements on which the platform is based to decide that a video has the quality and deserves to be at the top of the list?

Shares: The number of users who shared the video on other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

Favorites: The number of people who added the video to their favorites.

The number of “likes”: If your content is filled with thumbs up, YouTube also increases your invisibility.

Retention: The higher the percentage of users who see each of the content you upload, the better.

Subscriptions: YouTube knows that if many people subscribe to your channel, it is because you are doing things very well, and you are getting them interested in your product.

Comments: Talking about your videos is always a good sign. That means that people are interested in seeing them.

  1. Be active and interact on YouTube

You have to think that your YouTube channel is like a physical place where you sell your product. So, in the same way, that there you dialogue with your clients, listen to them and advise them, you must share impressions with the users of your channel.

Do not forget that your potential customers are many, that YouTube has 1,900 million registered monthly users! Find your niche and build a community of people interested in your videos and products.

One of the most successful cases in recent years and focused on originality and interaction with the user is that of the CLIF Bar campaign, an energy bar. The brand created a campaign on YouTube in which the video stops and asks the user a series of questions. Depending on how he responded in one way or another, the video developed in one way or another.

  1. Share your videos on Social Networks

Among those who like to analyze and design strategies for companies in social networks, there is a famous phrase that is repeated insistently. Its author is one of the greatest specialists in them, Godfrey Bogaard: ” In the past you were what you had. Now you are what you share “.

An investigation by the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago published by the journal Psychological Science ensured that social networks generated a greater need for connection than that generated by consuming alcohol or tobacco. And in this constant connection, sharing is the essence of behavior.

Research conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2018, which correlates the networks used by different users, makes it clear that those who use YouTube tend to also participate in other social networks.

There are some tools on the web available for creating social media videos and the finished videos can be directly share on social networks. FlexClip is one of them, especially as a youtube video maker.

  1. Invest in YouTube advertising

Advertising in an audiovisual medium has an extraordinary capacity to generate memories through emotion. Even today, the Apple ad broadcast on television at the Super Bowl break in 1984 is remembered.

But times have changed. Today 75% of millennials prefer to watch YouTube than television. And the percentages in other age groups do not stop growing. So, if you want to give your business a good boost, it may be time to invest in YouTube advertising.

In order to effectively access your potential target through advertising, YouTube has different types of formats and payment methods. In this way, you can choose the ad that best suits your business … and your pocket:

True View in-stream: It is the ad that the user can skip once five seconds have elapsed after it has been played. If you choose this mode, you will not pay unless the user watches 30 seconds of the video or, in the event that its duration is shorter, sees it in its entirety.

True View in-search: In this case, it only appears based on the search terms that the user has used. YouTube will only charge each time someone clicks on the video.

Ads that cannot be skipped: Must be less than 30 seconds long.

Bumper Ads: These are micro-videos of a maximum of six seconds that the user cannot evade. It is charged according to the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) system.

  1. Dig deeper into your results with YouTube Analytics

On the Internet, everything, or almost everything, is measurable. And this is a reality that you should take advantage of to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your business. In this way, you will be able to assess what response your videos have, what type of users interact the most or what days of the week your publications have the most impact.

To show you these metrics, relate them and generate reports that relate them to each other, YouTube provides you with a tool that can help you a lot to understand what you are doing well on your YouTube channel and what you can do better to promote your business. Its name is Youtube Analytics.

To convince you even more of all the help it can offer you. We are going to tell you some of the data that you can measure with this tool:

The views: The simplest. The times your videos have been viewed.

Time: Summarize the minutes your users have spent viewing your content.

Retention: Measure the attention your topics attract to the public. From the data included in this section, you can get to know when the most percentage of users leave the viewing or how long is the average time that they remain to do it.

Places where it is played: With this, you can know if your video is being shared and how it behaves if, for example, you also place it on your blog or a particular website.

Demographic elements: Sex, age, geographical location of your users. This can be very valid to understand what your strengths are and the type of audience of your videos.

Devices: You will know the percentage of videos that are seen from a computer, tablet, mobile or console. These data will help you to change the format. If they are viewed on mobile devices, for example, it is preferable to keep them short.

Traffic sources: They serve to understand which is the reference page from which your users access the videos. If it is by search in Google, if they do it from YouTube, from your same channel.


So now you know. Be brave. Be creative. Be consistent. Innovate. Change what you see that you have to change. Winston Churchill said it best: “To improve is to change. So to be perfect you have to change often “.


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