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CAR TRANSPORT COMPANY : Hiring a reliable and genuine service provider of Car Transport in Mumbai is quite a complex task. However, the process can become convenient, safe and stress free if you know the guidelines to follow. Whenever it comes about shifting to a new location we always need someone who can help out in transporting our stuff from one place to another. Especially when the distance between the existing and new location is quite big the requirements becomes essential. That is the main reason we search for the car transporters.

It is important to choose the company having the expert and well trained professionals who can easily handle the cars of their customers without any complexity. Everyone wants to get their cars transported without even a single scratch and only the professionals can understand this. But before you choose a company for transportation services, you should know what kind of services they provide and what their rates are. Try Shiply for the best car delivery service. In order to help you out in making smart decisions we are here with the list of things to check while hiring the car transport company.

Legal documents of the company

Before finalising and paying the amount, you should ask the car transport company service provider about their licences especially the GST registration. Also, you should ask the car transporter to show their registration documents like the registration certificate and others. You must check that the documents are genuine and trustworthy. CAR TRANSPORT COMPANY

Either the car transporter is a broker, carrier or a vehicle transport company?

It is important for you to check that with whom you are dealing with. Must take a proper check that the person you are hiring is a broker, carrier or a full-fledged car transport company. There are several brokers who usually act like the professional car transport company and at the end makes fraud. CAR TRANSPORT COMPANY

Services they are offering to you

It is important for you to check out the services their offering. If the company is genuine then they must be offering you a wide range of services related to car shipping and other household product transportation. Ask them questions related to the services and also check their carriers. Also check that they are having single car transport options or multiple car transport option as well. CAR TRANSPORT COMPANY

Ask them questions related to the restrictions

It is not important that the car transport service provider you are hiring is having all the latest technologies and equipment to transport your car from one place to another. It is necessary for you to take a specified look over the services the car transporter is providing you. The facilities and the services provided by them will help you in understanding their level. CAR TRANSPORT COMPANY

Ask for a free quotation

Before finalising and hiring the company, must ask them to provide you a free car shipping quotation. It will help you out in getting an idea related to the price you are required to pay. Also, with the help of the quotation you can easily compare prices with other service providers as well. CAR TRANSPORT COMPANY

Ask them about the additional charges

It is important for you to check that are there any additional or extra charges that you are required to pay while getting your car shipped to other destination. Sometimes it happens that at the time of finding the contract the companies provide an estimated cost and while delivering they add some additional charges. Hence it is necessary for you to close check the amount before finalising.

On what basis they are calculating the price?

The cost of car transport depends upon several factors Lake the distance to be covered, the type of car, the mode of transport, and also the condition of the car. Ask the car transporters specifically related to their price calculation system. Also ask them questions related to the other charges they will include in the final pricing like the Texas and other service charges. CAR TRANSPORT COMPANY

Mode of payment

It is important for you to take a look over the payment options available. There are some car transport service providers who prefer to take 50% advance and then they take the rest at the time of delivery. However, there are other companies prefer to take full payment after successful delivery. So before taking the decision must take a look over the payment options available.

Insurance of the company

If your company is not insured then do not trust it. The insurance terms help in understanding that you can rely on the company or not. Must check that the shipping insurance option available with the company or not. Along with this, there should be other additional insurance services available. CAR TRANSPORT COMPANY

Car transportation process

It would be nice if you ask the car transporter questions related to the process they follow. It will help you out in understanding there technique and operations. Also, ask them related to the material they use for the packing, their loading process, their deadlines, the route they prefer, and the standards they follow.

What will be the shipping schedule?

In case you are having any specific timing when you want to get your car delivered then you should talk about the same with the car transport service provider at the time of hiring. Although, for such a special service you will be required to pay some extra amount as the car transporter will arrange a special arrangement for delivering your car faster and smoother.

Customer service support

If the company you are hiring is trusted and reliable then it must be having the customer care support. The customer care support plays an important role in solving all type of queries of the customers related to car shipping and pricing. Also, with the help of customer care support you can easily get updates related to the transit. Before hiring must ask that the service provider is having the customer care facility or not.

What will be the pick up and drop of location?

It is one of the most important facts to consider while hiring the car transport company. Must ask them that they are providing on door pick up and drop off facility or not. Most of the reputed and professional auto transport companies provide you a pick up and drop of option.

Documents to be submitted at the time of car shipping

Must ask them about the documents required to submit at the time of car shipping. It is actually one of the legitimate moves adopted by reputed car transport service providers. At the time of shipping you will be required to provide your ID proof, car registration documents, insurance paper of your vehicle and others.

Ask them about your presence at the time of pickup and delivery

It is necessary for you to insure that you need to be present at the time of car delivery and pick up or not. In some cases, the car transport process does not get completed if that owner is not available at the location.

Sometimes just because of small confusions things becomes difficult.  Despite having confusion and misunderstanding it is always suggested to have clear understanding of the things. Considering the same, here we have given these tips that you must follow while hiring the car transport service provider for you. These factors will definitely help you out in getting the best deal of car shipping anywhere in India.

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